Viva Los Algodones! Travel Tips for Visiting Mexico from Yuma

by Guest Blogger C.J. Crawford

Los Algodones is a small Mexican border town is located just minutes from Yuma and many travelers come from other states in the U.S. to take advantage of some of the services that are offered in this neighboring town.
EASY DIRECTIONS: Getting there is easy from the Yuma Cabana. Exit our driveway and turn right on 4th Avenue. Follow 4th Avenue about 2 miles and then turn left onto Interstate 8 (West). Stay on Interstate 8 for about 5 miles and exit at Algodones Road. Turn left at the top of the off ramp on Algodones Road and follow it about a mile to the Mexican border. Right before you get to the border, you can turn right in to a parking lot (owned and operated by a local Indian tribe) and pay for parking. Then just walk over the border. Once you cross over the border you'll have fun walking around and exploring the shops. Everything is within a few blocks so you won't need a car or taxi. 
  • YC TRAVEL TIP: Wear comfortable walking shoes. Flat rubber-soled shoes are recommended.
    PASSPORT REQUIRED: The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (click here to see official posting) requires everyone traveling to Mexico (and also Canada, Central & South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda) to hold a valid passport if they are traveling by sea or air. This extends to all border crossings, even by land. You need a passport with you to walk over the border from Algodones and to walk back across the border from Mexico.
    CUSTOMS: If you are planning on purchasing any medications in quantity (more than a month's supply) please stop by the U.S. Customs office before going in to Mexico. Speak to a supervisor and find out exactly how much of your medications you will be allowed to carry back. Also, if you are buying for anyone else other than for yourself, watch out! Technically, you are not allowed to buy medications even for your spouse. (I found this out the hard way. I bought a family member a year's supply of asthma medicine and then ended up being sent into the interrogation room! It was not fun). You can find the U.S. Customs Service fine print here.

    • YC TRAVEL TIP: When buying medicine at the pharmacies, check the pricing at several different stores. The prices do vary.
    SHOPPING: Be cautious about buying famous brands like "Rolex" watches. Because they are likely counterfeit to begin with, you technically shouldn't bring them back in to the USA. However before I knew this I purchased several pairs of "Oakley" sunglasses for about $8 each and carried them over with out any problem. Usually, the customs people just wave you through. (By the way, the sunglasses ended up being junk and were a waste of money).

    • YC TRAVEL TIP: Bargain! Bargain! Bargain! Never pay full price for the stuff the vendors want to sell you. Offering them low prices is part of the fun of being in Mexico.
    EATING & DRINKING: Should you eat in the Mexican restaurants? I've eaten in a couple different Algodones restaurants when I was younger but now I'm more cautious. I eat before I go to Mexico. Have no fear drinking bottled beverages: beer, soda. Just don't pour it over ice. And don't drink the water. WARNING: Restrooms are hard to find, so plan ahead.

    DENTAL & EYE CARE SERVICES: Many travelers have told us that they saved thousands of dollars by having their dental work done in Mexico while they stay at Yuma Cabana. Many of the dentists have state-of-the-art equipment, training and charge only a fraction of what similar work would cost in the USA.
    Last time I checked, you can get a computerized eye exam for $10 or you can pay $39 for a pair of prescription glasses with the eye examination & glaucoma test included at no extra charge. Shop around for the best deal. If you can't wait for 2 hours for your glasses to be ready, they can mail them to you in the USA.
    • YC TRAVEL TIP: To find the best service provider, get a recommendation from a friend.
    DISCLAIMER: VISIT MEXICO AT YOUR OWN RISK. The Yuma Cabana Motel and the Yuma Cabana Blog has not formed any opinion and does not make any recommendations as to any kind of medical or dental treatment in Mexico (or USA) and does not assume any responsibility for any recommendations, opinions or advice that may be contained in these postings. By reading these postings, you waive any claim against Yuma Cabana Motel and the Yuma Cabana Blog for anything having to do with your visit to Mexico! So remember, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, talk to your friends, and DO NOT RELY on the information presented here. Having said all that, we appreciate hearing from those who would like to share their experiences in Algodones. Thanks!

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